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Unlocking Performance: Jacob's LLT Powered Holden VE 3.6L V6 Upgrade

Recently, we had the pleasure of working on Jacob's LLT powered Holden VE 3.6L V6, achieving impressive results. Here’s a quick look at the modifications and the power gains.


Blackop Headers with HFC and Catback Exhaust: We installed Blackop headers with high flow catalytic converters and a catback exhaust, enhancing both sound and performance.

Orssom OTR Intake: An Orssom Over The Radiator intake was added to maximize air intake efficiency, boosting power.

New Plugs and Purge Solenoid: New spark plugs and a purge solenoid were installed for optimal engine performance.


The upgrades led to an increase of 191.9kW and 411.4Nm of torque, making the car noticeably more powerful and responsive.


The headers required modification to clear the steering rack, but the effort was worth the significant performance gains.

Final Thoughts

Jacob's Holden VE now boasts impressive power and an aggressive exhaust note. A big thank you to Jacob for his patience and responsiveness. We’re thrilled with the outcome!

Video coming out soon.


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