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Massive Power Boost for Volkan's 2016 C63S W205 Twin Turbo 4.0L V8

🔥🔥🔥107 kW GAIN at the wheels for under $3000?!! 🔥🔥🔥

Volkan's 2016 C63S W205 Twin Turbo 4.0L V8 came to us with a Stage 1 tune, initially measuring 351 kW at the wheels.

After removing the tune, the power dropped back to 301 kW.

However, with a few key upgrades and a custom dyno tune, we managed to bring it back up to an impressive 411 kW.

Modifications and Upgrades

1. Heatshielded REVTUBE Downpipe: We fitted a heatshielded REVTUBE downpipe to improve exhaust flow and performance.

2. Custom Dyno Tune by REVHIGH: Our expert tuners crafted a custom dyno tune, optimizing the engine for maximum power output.

3. New NGK (NTK) Oxygen Sensor: A new oxygen sensor ensures precise air-fuel mixture readings for better efficiency and performance.

Additional Maintenance

  • Service with MOTUL Engine Oil: We used premium MOTUL engine oil for the service, ensuring optimal lubrication and engine protection.

  • DynaFuels Oil Conditioner: Added DynaFuels oil conditioner to keep the engine in top shape.

Upcoming Fixes

We are also in the process of fixing the tired PCV system and more, so stay tuned for updates!

Check Out the Details

For more information on the products and services used, visit: Revhigh Downpipe and Tune

Stay tuned for a video showcasing this incredible transformation!


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