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Power Boost: Reviving a 2016 BMW 520D M-Sport

When Dave reached out to us, he was referred by his trusted mechanic for a much-needed overhaul of his 2016 BMW 520D M-Sport. Recognizing the importance of maintaining peak performance, Dave entrusted us with the task of performing a Walnut blast, Carbon clean, and a custom DYNO tune on his beloved vehicle.

Our team got to work, ensuring every aspect of Dave's BMW received the attention it deserved. Alongside the Walnut blast and Carbon clean, we fine-tuned the engine with a custom DYNO tune, unleashing its full potential on the road.

If you're a diesel owner, it's essential to prioritize regular maintenance, especially as your vehicle surpasses the 100,000km mark. A Walnut blast and Carbon clean can work wonders in revitalizing performance and efficiency, as demonstrated by Dave's 520D.

The results were staggering. Dave's BMW 520D experienced a significant power increase, gaining an impressive 33kW and 47Nm. This transformation not only enhanced performance but also revitalized the driving experience, making every journey a thrill.

At Revhigh, our team comprises experts in diesel technology, including a Mechatronics engineer specializing in Bosch systems and a skilled diesel technician. From smokeless custom tuning to engine and ECU repairs, we offer a comprehensive range of diesel services to meet your needs.

Whether you're looking to enhance performance, improve fuel efficiency, or address any diesel-related issues, our team is here to help. Don't hesitate to send us a message for further information or to schedule a consultation.

Experience the power of Revhigh and unleash the full potential of your diesel vehicle today.

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