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Why you need a dyno tune after fitting a OTR intake on the direct injected Holden V6's!!

If you're thinking about getting a cold air intake for your Holden V6 commodore there are many to choose from! The Over the Radiator (OTR) Style is considered to be the best flowing on both the V6 and V8's.

On some vehicles you can run these style of intake without a tune however on the VE and VF V6 fitted with the direct injected motors (LFX LFW LF1 LLT) the vehicle will need to be tuned to run safely and to make a power/torque gain. Watch the video attached for more information!!


For a quote on your make and model please message or comment.👍 Other Euro, American, Australian or Japanese cars and trucks tuning are available as well! 🇦🇺🇯🇵🇺🇸


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