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Enhancing Performance: The 2017 Holden TRAX with the 1.4L Turbo Motor

The 2017 Holden TRAX with the 1.4L Turbo Motor is already a powerful vehicle, but with a few modifications, its performance can be taken to the next level. In this blog post, we will explore the gains achieved through repairing the E78 ECU and installing a downpipe and BMW filters, resulting in an impressive increase in power and torque.

  • The E78 ECU Repair: The E78 ECU is a critical component of the 1.4L Turbo Motor in the 2017 Holden TRAX. Unfortunately, it can sometimes encounter issues that affect the performance of the vehicle. However, by addressing and repairing these issues, we were able to unlock the true potential of the engine. The repair process resulted in a gain of 22kW and 45.9NM, providing a noticeable boost in power and performance.

  • The Impact of a Downpipe: In addition to the ECU repair, the installation of a downpipe can further enhance the performance of the 2017 Holden TRAX. A downpipe helps to improve exhaust flow, reducing backpressure and increasing power output. By allowing the exhaust gases to flow more freely, the engine can breathe better, resulting in improved performance and responsiveness.

  • BMW Filters for Improved Air Intake: Another modification that can significantly impact performance is the installation of BMW filters. BMW filters are known for their superior filtration capabilities, allowing for cleaner air intake. With cleaner air entering the engine, combustion efficiency is improved, resulting in better power delivery and increased torque. The combination of the repaired ECU, downpipe, and BMW filters synergistically work together to optimize the performance of the 2017 Holden TRAX.

With the 1.4L Turbo Motor in the 2017 Holden TRAX, there is great potential for enhancing its performance. By addressing ECU issues, installing a downpipe, and using BMW filters, we achieved a gain of 22kW and 45.9NM, providing a significant increase in power and torque. These modifications not only improve the overall driving experience but also showcase the capabilities of the vehicle. Whether you're a performance enthusiast or simply seeking a more exhilarating ride, these modifications are worth considering for your 2017 Holden TRAX.


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