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Ian's Absolute Pace Cobra: Unleashing the Beast with LSA Supercharged V8

Ian's Absolute Pace Cobra, powered by the LSA Supercharged V8, is now controlled by the Chev Performance Engine Controller kit. We took this unique vehicle to the next level with a custom harness for our #VAITRIX Stealth 4.0 Controller, delivering:

👉 More response 👉 Less lag 👉 Anti-theft settings 👉 Faster 0-100 times

Experience the difference for yourself! Check out our controllers at the link below and use the code STEALTH401 for $40 off! VAITRIX Stealth Controller

Want to know your vehicle’s estimated power figures or need a quote? Click below: Revhigh Custom Dyno Tuning

Watch Our Videos

Check out our YouTube channel for more videos: REVHIGH Tuning Solutions

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See our website for our performance packages: Revhigh Performance Packages

📦📦 📦 📦

Visit us at or www.vaitrix.com22 Carl Court, Hallam, Vic 3803Phone: 03 9001 6375

📍Own a workshop and want to join the Vaitrix dealer network? Send us a message. Locations: Australia, USA, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, New Zealand.


Discover the full potential of your vehicle with our custom solutions and performance packages!

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