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Unleashing the Beast: 2005 Audi S4 Performance Upgrade

Hey, gearheads! We're excited to share the results of our latest project: the 2005 Audi S4 with a 4.2L naturally aspirated V8. This beauty came to us stock, and we've given it a modest yet effective performance upgrade. Here's a rundown of what we did and the impressive gains we've achieved.

What We Did:

  • Engine Freshen Up: Ensured the heart of the beast is running at its best.

  • Muffler Upgrade: Enhanced the exhaust flow for better performance and sound.

  • Custom Dyno Tune: Fine-tuned the engine to maximize power output and efficiency, focusing on improving midrange and top-end power.

The Results:


Power: 169 kW

Torque: 369 Nm


Power: 201 kW

Torque: 406 Nm

Performance Gains:

Power Increase: +32 kW

Torque Increase: +37 Nm

These upgrades have transformed the driving experience of this already impressive Audi S4. The enhanced midrange and top-end power make for a thrilling ride, whether you're cruising down the highway or pushing the limits on a track.


We're thrilled with the results of this project and proud to have unlocked more potential from this iconic V8 engine. If you're looking to breathe new life into your Audi S4, these upgrades are a great way to boost performance and enjoyment.

Stay Tuned:

We'll continue to share more exciting projects and performance upgrades. Follow us for more updates, tips, and car enthusiast content! #AudiS4 #V8Power #EngineUpgrade #PerformanceTuning #DynoTune #CarMods #AudiLove #TorqueBoost #PowerUp #CarEnthusiast #AutoPerformance

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