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Maximizing Performance and Reducing Soot: A Custom Dyno Tune Experience

In the world of automotive performance, finding the perfect balance between power and emissions can be a challenging task. Recently, we had the pleasure of working with Daniel, a passionate Audi TDI owner, who brought his SQ5 TDI to our workshop for a custom dyno tune. In this blog post, we will share Daniel's experience and the steps we took to optimize his vehicle's performance while minimizing soot emissions.

Upgrades and Initial Tuning

Daniel's SQ5 TDI was equipped with a #darksideperformance cold air intake, high flow exhaust, and intercooler. To ensure the engine's efficiency and longevity, Daniel also performed a carbon clean. With these modifications in place, our attention turned to the custom dyno tune.

Smokeless Tuning: The Challenge

Diesel engines, although known for their torque and efficiency, often emit excessive black soot from the exhaust. Our goal was to maximize power while minimizing soot emissions, a technique we refer to as "smokeless tuning." Achieving this delicate balance requires precise calculations of injector timing and fueling.

Initial Power Gains

After the initial custom dyno tune, Daniel's SQ5 TDI experienced a significant increase in power. The output at the wheels rose from 195kw to an impressive 237kw, while torque increased from 524nm to 643nm. Daniel was delighted with the enhanced performance but being a mechanic himself, he decided to further optimize his vehicle.

Fine-Tuning and Warranty Upgrades

Daniel returned to our workshop after fitting a turbo solenoid and four new injectors under warranty with his dealer. With these upgrades in place, we performed another round of tuning to maximize the vehicle's potential. The results were remarkable.

Enhanced Performance and Reduced Soot

After the re-tuning process, Daniel's SQ5 TDI unleashed even more power. With a final output of 246.5kw and an astonishing torque of 686.7nm, the performance gains were undeniable. Equally impressive was the reduction in soot emissions from the exhaust, a testament to our smokeless tuning approach.

Daniel's Advice for Audi TDI Owners

Impressed with the results, Daniel took the time to share his experience and insights with other Audi TDI owners. Visit it here.


Daniel's experience with his SQ5 TDI serves as a testament to the power of custom dyno tuning. By carefully calculating injector timing and fueling, we were able to maximize performance while reducing soot emissions. If you're an Audi TDI owner looking to enhance your vehicle's performance, we invite you to consider a custom dyno tune. Let us help you unleash the true potential of your diesel engine while keeping emissions in check. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the thrill of smokeless tuning.


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